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A journey of lifelong learning

hg8868皇冠一直是“后传统”学生教育的先驱:经常有全职工作的成人学习者, transfer students, those transitioning into new careers, and students supporting families.

While other institutions are just recognizing this population, Metropolitan State has been there from the beginning, 从生活/工作经验中获得大学水平的学习学分, flexible scheduling, online and hybrid class options, and our popular individualized degree programs.

Our students reflect the communities we serve, and our graduates bring their skills and knowledge home, serving the needs of their own communities.

Extraordinary faculty

hg8868皇冠的教育基础植根于hg8868皇冠卓越的师资力量. Our resident faculty are devoted instructors, 创造创新的课程,提供他们领域的最新信息,无论是在课堂上, online or in hybrid class styles.

hg8868皇冠的社区教员都是各自领域的杰出专业人士, 为教育材料的专业应用提供最新的学术理论视角和见解.

hg8868皇冠的常驻教员和社区教员的结合造就了非凡的教育, 获得了全国公认的赫斯伯格优秀教学奖.

Supporting your success

仅仅成为一个积极的、自我指导的终身学习者是不够的. We work to advance the academic, 学生通过丰富的文化经验获得专业和个人的成功, advocacy and extracurricular opportunities. Whether you need help with development, support services or TRiO programs, hg8868皇冠会帮助你取得下一步的成功.

Planning your academic future can seem like a daunting task. At Metropolitan State, 新学生被分配给一个学术顾问:一个了解大学政策的专业顾问, programs and procedures. 从解决课程表问题到解决影响学业进步的重大挑战, Metropolitan State’s academic advisors are ready to help.